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I have come in contact with Dr. Mehta through Facebook…I had some Dental issues …But with Dr. Mehta’s correct guidance and treatment…now my teeth problems are solved….I also went through certain cleaning procedures which went very well. Great ambience and a very happy Patient I am. Thank you Dr. Mehta. I would recommend to my friends to visit him once if they have dental issues.

- Vedieka Dutt
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I had visited Dr.  Jignesh Mehta in February 2018,for my teeth which was not coming out. Doctor took my xray and showed me my teeth stuck up inside the bone. He did some kind of wiring. In 8 months time period my tooth has finally erupted. I had consulted a few dentists before visiting him, but most of them could not provide any kind of treatment plan. I would strongly recommend Dr. Jignesh Mehta.

  -Manav Mehta
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Doctor Jignesh Mehta a one stop for your holistic Dental care….A miraculous doctor to handover yourself to be treated dazzlingly…#highlyrecommended #Sunshinesmiles #trustworthy #outstandingresults #5star’s & beyond.

-Vidya Coutinho

Being Delhiite got my Teeth Aligned from a well known Delhi based Orthodontist, my treatment relapsed.Initially I used to get only negative characters in TV Serials.But only after my Smile was corrected 7 years ago Dr Jignesh Mehta my life changed dramatically.I got lead characters in regional films and today i am Successfully South Star, my films are part of 100 Crore Club.

  -Payal Rajput

I had an amazing experience at Dr. Jignesh Mehta clinic no pain in my filling of tooth. It was done in few minutes. N the painless injections that I have ever had that was the best part n m liking forward to come back for my other dental issues soon.God bless them n more success.Definitely recommended to everyone.

-Farzana Mansuri

I was 8 years old when accidentally I messed up with my upper lip and teeth. This wasn’t that noticeable for others but for me, as Smile is the most beautiful thing a person wears…I use to find a missing thing until I met Dr. Jignesh Mehta. He proved to the sentence “Doc’s are God on earth.” Happy with the first consultation, took the painless treatment here and now I have gained my confidence I feel. The atmosphere in clinic is much friendly and caring.
and Dr. Mehta assists you with soo many examples till it enters your crooked head and finally the results are much more to owe him.
Specially recommend him for all the Dental and cosmetic stuff. Thank you for the treatment and care.

-Roopali Tarte
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A good smile is always an assest in Film Industry. Dr. Jignesh Mehta is a magician. He creates fabulous Smiles & I owe him mine. Thank you Dockie for giving me a Great look & a Beautiful Smile.

-Rituparna Ghosh

Excellent service, loyalty, most adorable economic, professional as a Dentist Doctor, overall cool, cool.

  - Haresh Desai        

Excellent, great experience, Dr. Jignesh Mehta is the most humble and honest..he makes his patients very easily comfortable and his advance treatment are also very great.

 - Prakash Thakkar 
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My experience is amazing. and Dr. Jignes is a very perfect person in his work.. He is very kind and sensible person.. He is very honest for our patients.

-Umesh Parmar

😊 Very happy with my treatment. Excellent great experience…Dr. Jignesh Mehta is most humble and honest…He makes his patients very calm and comfortable and his advance treatment is also very good…😊

-Zeenal Kumavat

He is a biological dentist 😍..
In 2016 when I learnt about biological dentistry I was so sure that I might not find any biological Dentist. I. India just put up on Google search and with great joy found him in my very own city Mumbai..
I got all the mercury fillings taken out from my mouth and got them replaced with biological fillings…. this has helped me a lot in many journey of healing from breast cancer completely naturally with out chemo radiation or surgery. 😊👍

-Nisha Koiri

Dr. Jignesh Mehta is one of the best dentist I have met so far. He explains the smallest possible details regarding the problem and its solution to his patients and suggest the best treatment suited as per your requirements.
Also his staff is very polite and makes the treatment completely hassle free.Dr. jignesh Mehta is a one stop solution for your Dental problems. I had an amazing and painless experience at his clinic. I would recommend him to all.

 -Rashmi Deshbharti 

Dr Jignesh mehta, one of the best dentist in Mumbai. I am very fortunate to have my treatment done by them.He is a very familiar and simple but some time very strict. My experience was amazing with them and I am very happy with their work…

-Vivek Chaurasia

I visited Dr. Jignesh Mehta for wisdom tooth removal. He makes the patients so comfortable and at ease. The overall experience was very smooth. Not only are his service very affordable, but also trustworthy. I am happy with the overall experience I had..

 -Shilpa Lalwani 

A humble and quick witted guy. Dr. jignesh gets you comfortable the moment you meet him. He’s an artist, if you may , in a dentist’s avatar. I had to go through multiple treatments over a duration of 2 months. My visit to an earlier dentist had me skeptical about this one too, but while I was on the dentist’s chair, and been treated, I could bearly feel discomfort or much pain. Definitely recommend Dr. Jignesh to anyone who wants answers to questions on Dentist gives!

-Purab Mehta 

I met Dr. Jignesh after having been to the top most Dentists in both Mumbai and Bangalore.
After having spent huge amounts of money I was still not happy and my teeth were still not ok!
Now, I have been going to Dr. Jignesh for the last 3 years and every time it has been seamless experience from root canal to wisdom tooth removal to small tiny jobs. They are also extremely reasonable priced for the service they provide.
I am finally happy to say that I have found my Dentist for life.

 -Bhavya Arora
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Got my teeth cleaned by Doc and he did a great job. I am really happy with it. He gets into details and focuses on every hidden spot as well. What i love about him is that he gives great advice/honest feedback and does not push you to get a treatment so he can make a profit out of you. Would definitely recommend Dr. Jignesh to any one in Mumbai I will most likely return to Mumbai to see Doc, whenever my teeth need to be checked.

-Ricky S

I would highly recommend ecommend Dt. Jignesh to carry out any Dentistry work. 12yrs ago I visited Dr. Jignesh Mehta and he immediately started work on my teeth.
I am from London. It took 2 weeks to put veneers in and I was so happy with the results. I haven’t had any problems since and am going back to get some more work done soon.

-Leena Shah

Dr. Jignesh is the best dentist I have come across. He has immense knowledge of dentistry and is updated with the latest technology. He has a very unique way of treating his patients which is very rare to see and quite appreciated. His dedication, passion, honesty and perfection towards his work is truly inspiring. He ensured I was well educated about my case (20556) before treating me. Being a complicated case of occlusion, I was very nervous at the beginning but eventually, I gained confidence and trust in the doctor and his treatment. The treatment has helped me overcome severe headaches and jaw pain. I feel quite relieved and am now experiencing the joy of eating 😀 Thank you so much, Doctor! The Dr. And his staff are not only highly professional but also treat their patients with utmost care. I would highly recommend Dr. Jignesh for dental treatments.

 -Palakh Shewakramani

I have been following him on Facebook since 2011and I always wanted to visit his clinic but due to some reason I couldn’t . Late but not the least I visited him for my root canal and when I met the doctor the first thing in my mind was he is so down to earth , not only he but his whole team is so friendly. What makes Dr.jignesh Mehta different from others is he will give you proper guidance about your business , other health issues your dealing with which is not his job . And the most important thing is he will suggest you which treatment is right and affordable for you . They are like family to me , I highly recommend Dr.Jignesh Mehta – Best doctor I ever met 😊

-Mumtaz Sayyed

Dr Jignesh is a dentist with a heart. I came to Dr Jignesh because I was looking for a holistic approach to dentistry. I was tired of the very commercial and impersonal approach of doctors these days – moreover, me being a vegan and into holistic way of living, I did not want to do a root canal or put foreign elements into my body unless absolutely necessary. My search landed me Dr Jignesh and I must say I have been very happy with his very open and honest way of explaining things, even the elements that he uses; which I have seen no other dentist do.
The very holistic approach and caring approach of Dr and his assistant Jhanvi works super for me. The clinic is small but the equipments and knowledge is up to date – 5 stars all the way.

 -Ruma Biswas

Dr. Jignesh Mehta has been my dentist since I was a kid, almost 13 years now. He has done my orthodontic treatments and off late I’ve developed some gaps in my teeth due to tongue thrust. I’m currently undergoing treatment for the same.

-Aneri Prajapati