Oral Sedation

Pre-operation Instructions:

  1. Do not eat or drink anything (except plain water) for at least four hours prior to the appointment.
  2. If you develop a fever or cold before the appointment, please contact Advanced Dental Center. If your child is the patient and he or she develops a fever or cold, contact the pediatric surgeon at the Center.
  3. After taking oral sedation medication, children may appear agitated and cry before being completely sedated.

Post-operation Instructions:

  1. There should be more than one adult accompanying a child home so that the non driver can care for him/her during the trip. If you are the patient, be sure you have arranged for transportation.
  2. Patients are placed in a comfortable position until fully awake after an operation.
  3. Upon awakening, patients may drink and eat, but only a soft food diet is recommended during the first day.
  4. It is common for some patients to remain asleep almost the entire day. To prevent dehydration, the patient should be awakened within 4 hours after the treatment to be given liquid or soft food.