Laser lip repositioning

Post Operative Instructions

1).  Placing ice packs over the upper lip at 20 min interval for 24 hrs in a day, with a gentle touch & no movement over the lip area.

2). limited facial movements for 1 -week, no brushing around the surgical site for 7 days.

3). The patient is advised to rinse gently with chlorhexidine gluconate mouth wash twice daily for 2 weeks.

4). Postoperative pain if any is managed with medicines prescribed.

5). Liquid diet during the first postoperative week.

6).  Patient is not allowed to talk personally or over phone to avoid any kind of lip movement, as lip movement could hamper healing.

7). Any form of external trauma is to be avoided due to sleeping position. Patient should avoid touching or fidgiting with lips.

8). Sutures are removed after 7 days of  postoperative visit.

9). Patient is supposed to visit clinic on a daily basis for 7 days or until sutures are removed.